Each tea purchase comes with natural and ethically grown loose Basket Leaf tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

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A cup of perfectly brewed Herbal Tea to soothe your pain and calm your tiring day, letting you sit back and enjoy the evening sun with your family. The carefully picked Spices and other ingredients give you the perfect blend of spicy notes with subtle hints of sweetness as you take each sip.
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Fresh from basket

100% fresh, our lovely teas contain ingredients that were cherished by warming sun and wind.

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We love our customers and our customers love us. We are here to serve and help you.

Best Quality

Every pack is carefully picked and inspected by our tea experts prior to its shipment. Quality guaranteed!

Tea Accessories

The widest range of tea infusers mugs, teapots, filters and kettles – everything you need for a stylish tea ceremony!

This tea has become my addiction in my breakfast. Perfection - this is what your tea brings to every morning. Always.

Alicia Mann, NY

A lovely selection of natural tea for every taste and preference. Fast delivery and creative packaging always makes my day a tad brighter. Thank you very much!

Kira Stanley, MD

It's always a pleasure to deal with professionals who understand the concept of this niche and treat their customers as they should. I appreciate your assistance.

Michael Moore, CA
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